Nairn Community
Spa Lido

• Indoor & outdoor warmwater swimming
• Community owned
• Income for community groups
• Future-proofed renewable energy source
• Sustainable jobs created

current swimming poolnew swimming pool

NCSL will offer residents, and visitors, the opportunity to make a lasting contribution to Nairn’s already impressive cultural identity. The proposed community asset transfer of the current leisure centre will do much to future-proof the existing facilities and make a substantive, unique addition to the town’s leisure and recreational infrastructure. As well as safeguarding and increasing jobs, the construction of NCSL will also create employment.

As a community-owned company NCSL is dedicated to return its financial surplus for the benefit of community groups. NCSL is eager to encourage representative participation. The current founding members of NCSL are eager to enlist involvement from local community interest groups and individuals.
To that end, NCSL in tandem with the Nairn Improvement Community Enterprise(NICE) (, who are fully supportive of the project, submitted a joint grant application to the Davidson (Nairn) Charitable Trust, (SC024273), which was successful and much appreciated, in order to fund a NCSL Energy Strategy Review study for the project by, Ramboll International Consultancy (, whose findings in support of the project, make up the elements to be found in the Renewable Technologies section of this website.
NCSL’s core activity of providing water-based leisure and recreation facilities will become a significant source of support for user groups and associations in terms of infrastructure and finance. To achieve this a representative board, focussed on returning benefits to the local community, is being recruited. Expressions of interest in this growing venture are welcome and encouraged. To express your support, request more information, raise questions or just keep in touch with the project, please subscribe to our mailing list and/or revisit for updates.

NCSL gained registration as a charity (SC050128) in 2020, established to provide recreational facilities and the organisation of water based recreational activities. To realise this ambition NCSL is seeking to secure Community ownership of the existing Nairn Leisure Centre and Swimming Pool via Community Asset Transfer. In addition to complete refurbishment of this building, the project will also create a new adjacent contemporary spa and lido building to provide a spa, sauna and outdoor pool facilities with sea-access and horizon pool features. The final design and appearance of NCSL will be determined through an architectural competition in which public consultation will play role. (The image shown is purely illustrative).

To achieve this opportunity there is an initial critical phase: the community asset transfer application to Highland Council by NSCL. This is needed to acquire the existing leisure centre and the required foreshore footprint. For this asset to be transferred to the community owned NCSL, widespread support from the public must be demonstrated. It is critically important that this opportunity for the local area is not missed. The project will generate unique substantive benefits which are not likely to be forthcoming from any other source.

The proposed NCSL project presents a major opportunity for Nairn’s residents and its tourist economy. As a community owned charity it will deliver a direct annual revenue stream to greatly benefit local community groups and organisations. The allocation of the surplus revenue will be made via a bi-annual application process intended to ensure widespread participation and thus distribution of funds.

Above all, it is truly exciting to have a community owned charity deliver new income streams for Nairn, especially ones focused on broader environmental benefits. For more information on successful Community Asset Transfers please visit or