The NCSL will refurbish and completely modernise the existing swimming pool, in situ. Modernisation will enable replacement of the current 38 years old plant with more efficient 'green' renewable energy sources. Refurbishment of the pool will include an energy efficient photo-chromatic glazed roof containing photo-voltaic and solar thermal panels as explained in the Renewable Technologies page.

The modernised building will be linked to the new NCSL building which will provide several innovative additional facilities for Nairn. These will include a dedicated synchro-swimming pool, a hydrotherapy pool, saunas and two further pools. The sea-level pool is designed to enable access to open-water swimming as determined by tide times. The top-most floor will also enable enjoyment of the beautiful outdoors panorama but here, from a unique warm water horizon/ infinity pool at any time of the year irrespective of the weather or temperature.

The NCSL is fully committed to promoting water-based recreational pursuits whilst taking positive steps that contribute locally to alleviation of the current global climate crisis.

The combination of green technologies will result in the safeguarding of swimming facilities in Nairn by using sustainable energy sources. Without this switch the existing pool, based on out-dated plant, will have a much less secure future in the post-pandemic financial environment. The NCSL vision will also provide an ongoing public demonstration of what green technologies are available and how these can be successfully and profitably adopted in the Highlands.

The location of the new building on the foreshore will deliver environmental gains by providing some degree of protection from coastal erosion which currently prevails unchecked on this part of the beach. With rising sea levels such protection is likely to be more necessary but again is less likely to be available through council funding due to other post-pandemic demands on resources.

The proposed Nairn Spa and Lido will deliver a cutting-edge green technology infrastructure to the leisure, recreation and tourism sectors of Nairn, a facility unsurpassed elsewhere in Scotland and some considerable distance beyond. In addition to its Community-based ownership structure, designed to return profits to identified community groups, NCSL will provide multi-faceted sustainable benefits in a future landscape where foreseeable alternatives are much more difficult to envision.

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